Cancer Care

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can work as a complementary therapy alongside western medicine in the treatment of cancer.  Acupuncture is used in many  hospitals and health organizations in the U.S. alongside western medicine treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy and can reduce unwanted side-effects of these therapies.   Acupuncture treatment also helps to treat the anxiety and stress of a cancer diagnosis and can help to calm the mind.  Each patients’ treatment plan will be an individual one and at Shen we feel that it is important to treat the mind and the body during cancer care treatment to support the individual through a very difficult time.

How can acupuncture help?

Pain reduction and pain management

Helps to manage the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as weight loss, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, nauseas, dry mouth, fatigue and other unwanted side effects.

Boosts the immune system

Helps to increase the white blood cell count

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