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Acupuncture for Fertility

After suffering multiple miscarriages, with no answers from the doctors i wanted to take matters into my own hands. Hearing great things from friends about acupuncture I decided to give it a go. I found Shen acupuncture clinic online and booked my first appointment where I met Bernie Fogarty. she was very friendly and made me feel very welcome. The thought of getting pricked with needles made me nervous but the whole experience was painless and relaxing, I left with a renewed sense of energy each time. I started the sessions to get the blood flow improving to my reproductive organs and to de-stress my body, I soon fell pregnant again and kept the sessions going to help maintain the pregnancy. I am delighted to say i now have a healthy 6 week old baby and will definitely be going back to the clinic when I decide to try again. I feel acupuncture definitely helped me and will be recommending it to others. 

Deirdre Carlow 2015

I had heard the benefits of acupuncture for fertility from several close friends and felt it might be a good idea to help the process along. I didn’t expect that trying for a baby would be an emotional journey and an unexpected outcome of acupuncture was the support I received from Bernie through attending treatment. I feel it was the combination of this support, her attention to detail to my physical signs of reproductive health, and the recommendation of vitamin supplements for both myself and my husband that resulted in our pregnancy. I would highly encourage anyone seeking acupuncture for fertility to attend Bernie at Shen Acupuncture. 

C. Carlow 2015

Having extremely irregular menstrual cycles after finishing the contraceptive pill a year previously i decided that i would give acupuncture a try. I suffer from an auto-immune disease and was starting to stress out from feeling generally unwell and out of sync. From the onset Bernie immediately put me at ease. She ensured that she would regularise my menstrual cycle within three months. I attended on a weekly basis and aswell as treatment Bernie offered me solid advice regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle. She also treated any other ailment I happened to be suffering with at the time. Within the three month time frame i had conceived, I continued to attend acupuncture sessions for general well being. I could not rate the treatment, and the personal and professional touch of Bernie highly enough. I would highly recommend acupuncture at Shen Acupuncture & Naturopathy Clinic. 

Claire, Kilkenny 2013

On first meeting Bernie, I immediately felt comfortable and able to openly express my concerns. While I was sceptical at first, within a few sessions I noticed my periods become more regular; and not only were the sessions working to treat my irregular periods, but I found the sessions very relaxing – something I looked forward to after work. Bernie was really nice, and if I had a particular concern one week, she was always had advice or would treat that ailment during the session. I can now happily say working with Bernie was successful, with a happy, healthy 11 week old boy. Born 7lb 14oz at almost 5 weeks early. I had a 5 hour labour using only a TENS machine, which I believe was down to being able to stay as relaxed as possible. I will definitely be returning to Bernie should we decide to go again!

Orla, Kilkenny 2013


I attended Shen acupuncture before the birth of my baby for relaxation and to help prepare me for the birth. From our first consultation, Bernie was warm, professional, respectful of my needs and wishes, and put me immediately at ease. As a result, I really enjoyed the sessions, which helped me to prepare for the birth and gave me a lovely space to relax. Thanks, 

Anne 2015

Breech Babies – Moxa treatment for turning I attended Shen clinics in October 2014 when I was 37 weeks pregnant and baby was breech. I attended Bernie’s Kilkenny clinic and was delighted with the service. The clinic was easy to find and super relaxing from the time I stepped inside. The moxibustion treatment was relaxing and educational! I continued treatment at home for 10 days and baby turned within a few days – I was so delighted. I would definitely recommend Shen to others. 

Maureen, 2015


Just to let you know I’d my baby boy yesterday at 12.20 in afternoon myself, gas and air. Very tough but we are both great. He was 9lb 11oz! Big boy! Thanks I really think you helped me get ready for the arrival and great to not have induction. 

Athena Carlow 2016

I decided to make an appointment with Bernie when I was about 41 weeks pregnant. At this stage I was one week overdue and I had heard that acupuncture can help to induce labour. As this was my third baby and I had been induced in hospital before with my first baby I viewed this as a more natural route. When contacting Bernie she was very friendly and professional and did her best to accommodate me as soon as she had a free appointment. When I arrived, the treatment room had a lovely warm, homely feeling which made me feel relaxed straight away. Bernie put me at ease and was very thorough, going through any medical history mixed in with pleasant chat. Before and during the treatment Bernie explained what each needle would do, it was a relatively painless treatment. The whole session was very therapeutic and I felt that Bernie was very kind and caring throughout. She was also able to recommend some acupressure points to try at home as well. That evening I had a “show” and contractions started on and off during the night, they became more intense and regular by the following morning. I left for the hospital around 10am and had my beautiful baby girl Amelia by 3pm following a natural birth. I’m sure my session with Bernie had something to do with going into labour naturally. All in all my session with Bernie was a very positive experience and I would recommend her to anyone thinking of trying acupuncture. 

Louise, Carlow 2015

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