Food Intolerance & Allergy Testimonials Carlow

Allergy Testing  had been having periods of hiccoughs which lasted between 6-13 days. They had been very infrequent, but over the past 3 yrs. they increased. I could not eat much, sleep much, work as I was unable to talk much. Medical opinion showed that there was nothing mechanically causing the problem. I was planning to climb Mt Kenya in July 2016, so by July 2015 I decided to take steps to find out if it was something I was eating which caused the problem. My Homeopath gave me the information to contact SHEN, she had has some previous connection and she agreed with me that my diet might certainly be a factor in the hiccough saga. I ad the test completed on my first visit. I was advised that the results may not cover all foods but would certainly give me a steer. When the results came back, I went to see Bernie again and I couldn’t quite believe the range and degree of my allergies. It was clear that I would have to make very major changes in my eating habits. I did this and very quickly noticed an improvement in my breathing, my sleeping improved and I felt more wide awake in the mornings, I have more energy. I lost 20Lbs. I have had none of the hiccough symptoms since I began the diet almost 8 months ago. I may not get to the top of my mountain, but I feel in good shape and ready to face the challenge. Even though Berne has said that I may re-introduce some  foods, one at a time to see which ones are least suitable for me. I´m just sticking to the original diet, simply because I feel so well. I have already recommended SHEN to several other people and I am happy to endorse this allergy testing because I am convinced that many of our illnesses are caused by a lack of balance in our diet. Perhaps the most satisfying thing about the whole process is that I feel in charge of my health and that’s not something the medical establishment encourages.  

Peter, Carlow 2016

Food Intolerance & Naturopathy A friend of ours who lives in Canada had mentioned the food intolerance testing and naturopathy to us. I read about Shen on the Internet and got in touch with Bernie. Initially the diet plan was very hard but it changed our eating habits and relationship with food for the better. We would strongly recommend it to everyone’. Our combined ailments prior to diet change:- spots to face, head, back and groin area, (often very sore and like a boil).- joint pains especially hip. overweight and lethargic.- regular thrush. All these ailments have gone with the new diet plan. The odd spot surfaces but generally because something in the diet has been unsuitable.Our huge thanks to Bernie for her kindness, time, patience, and expertise. We would recommend a food intolerance test and naturopathy to anyone either with an ailment or just to know they are eating the correct foods for them. 

Debbie and Gavin Carlow 2015

Since taking the Food intolerance test I have to say I am definitely feeling the benefits of eliminating wheat, gluten and dairy from my diet. I definitely feel the benefit from the warming teas you recommended also. I have no hesitation in recommending the food intolerance testing and the naturopathy, I definitely feel less bloated and my sinus symptoms have certainly improved. 

Gill Carlow 2015

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