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Migraines I had been suffering with Migraines for a few years and they were gradually getting worse. I decided to try acupuncture after reading an article about it. Bernadette Fogarty in Carlow was recommended to me by a friend. I booked in for an appointment. I was nervous about the needles. Bernie put me completely at my ease and answered all my questions for me. It actually didn’t hurt at all, much to my amazement. Bernie gave me some great advice regarding my diet and some tips on managing my stressful job too. I booked in for a course of acupuncture treatment. I really looked forward to them every week as I found them so relaxing. My migraines have completely disappeared now. I am feeling so much better as a result. These days I try to have acupuncture at least once a month for general health and relaxation. If you are suffering with migraine or any other health problem I would highly recommend you try Shen Acupuncture & Naturopathy clinic. Deirdre July 2011

I didn’t come to the Shen Clinic with one specific ailment. I was feeling at a very low ebb with aches and pains and a general feeling of unhealthiness – largely I believe as a result of work related stress. My condition manifested itself in a lack of energy and a gloomy demeanour resulting from all of the above. I had also recently received a cholesterol reading that was quite high. I was looking for some advice as to how to help get it down. I had several sessions with Bernie Fogarty and in the initial consultation the atmosphere was patient, sympathetic and professional . The acupuncture sessions themselves were always extremely relaxing and I know they were a great help in lifting off my back the accumulated stress of several months – perhaps years. I have not been to the Clinic for some time but the general state of my health is greatly improved and for that I believe the sessions with Bernie in the Shen Clinic were instrumental. Certain steps to health you can only take yourself but it is a great help to have someone to point you in the direction you need to go and to offer encouragement as you start on the journey. I very highly recommend Bernie Fogarty and the Shen Clinic. Liam, Nov Carlow 2013

Insomnia I was given a gift voucher for a birthday present. I was having trouble sleeping after a stressful period, I had been taken sleeping tablets but the quality of sleep was bad and I often woke up very tired. I came off the sleeping tablets and my sleep pattern was very disturbed. I had to take time off work and while I was off I went for acupuncture on a regular basis. After a few treatments my sleeping was greatly improved. My acupuncturist at Shen was very professional and listened to what I had to say and what I needed help with. I would be of the opinion that the acupuncture helped get my sleep back to normal, it made my quality of life much better as at the time I was finding it very hard to function when I couldn’t sleep. Rose. Kilkenny 2015

Diabetes I never really understood acupuncture or eastern medicine until the day came when my days were being counted. My body which being diabetic for nearly 29yrs started to give up..It was then put to me to get acupuncture which not only helped be but helped save my life. I even brought a new life into this world. I have baffled many many pple in the medical profession. I am livin proof in this day and age that eastern acupuncture did this and because of this professors, endocronoligists etc are referring their own patients and those that would be paying cash to go for acupuncture.. my acupuncturist Bernie Fogarty, because of you I am happy to be alive,xxx Samantha, Carlow 2013

Sinus, Constipation, Swelling, Back pain I have been going to Acupuncture for the last few years. I can highly recommend Bernadette Fogarty as an Acupuncturist & Naturopath. She works in her beautiful countryside place at the Shen Acupuncture & Naturopathy Clinic. I love the calming atmosphere in the clinic and the warm welcome. Bernie is so kind and genuinely, she cares about your well being. I appreciate her knowledge and experience in the field of acupuncture.Typically I go to relieve sinus discomfort and also I suffered from constipation and back pain.I have just recently gone back for those reasons and I could feel my sinuses begun to open almost immediately after the needles had been put in.  I also had some swelling in my knee, which she addressed at one of the appointments. I could not believe that just a few hours later, the swelling had significantly gone down and it was already feeling so much better. I highly recommend that you try Acupuncture. It helps me and i hope it will help you. Vered Zur M.A 2015

Irritable Bowel Sydrome My life has been turned around since changing my diet. I was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for 20 years. I had so many tests done but nothing really showed up. Since taking the food intolerance test and eliminating the offending foods from my diet my health and quality of life has dramatically improved for the better. I can’t believe my doctor never suggested this to me! Thanks for all your help and advice. A.T.F Carlow 2011

Carpal Tunnel & Back Pain I first looked into acupuncture treatment because I had injured my back 7 years ago and although I was receiving epidural injections every 3-4 months, I was in quite a lot of pain in between injections. I had heard from family members how effective acupuncture could be on a whole range of ailments. I chose Shen as it was local to where I lived. Bernie answered all of my questions and made me feel so comfortable. I definitely felt pain relief after my first session. I have had numerous sessions with Bernie from Shen to treat my back as I wouldn’t trust anyone else. I’m too nervous. I feel very well looked after and the environment is so relaxing and warm. Bernie has treated me for migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome also with wonderful results. Rachel, Carlow 2015

Sinus – Chest infections I decided to seek acupuncture treatment after suffering with recurrent sinus and chest infections for a long time. I was so tired of the constant cycle of illness and antibiotics. It was really upsetting, frustrating and really took from my quality of life. I chose Shen based on information on the website, positive testimonials and having spoken to Bernie personally over the phone. From the first time we spoke I felt really at ease. I can honestly say I enjoyed every one of my subsequent visits to her clinic. I was always made to feel so welcome and always left feeling both relaxed and optimistic. She listened, diagnosed and treated my condition with great professionalism and care. She provided me with written information and excellent advice as well as numerous appropriate treatments. It took some time but I am now at a point in my life where I feel really good, rarely get ill and really understand my own body and health so much better. A number of family members have also bee treated by Bernie and I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending her to everyone. Orla Kilkenny 2015

Bell`s Palsy I went for acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy and was delighted with the results. After trying steroids for a week I was getting very concerned as I wasn’t seeing any improvement. A friend suggested acupuncture so I gave Bernie from Shen a call. Bernie was very reassuring on the phone and I knew from talking to her that she had experience treating this problem. I began to see an improvement after the first treatment and after 4 sessions I had fully recovered. I was so relieved and delighted with the results.  I would highly recommend Bernie for her expertise and kindness. P. Carlow 2015

When I was on holidays abroad i was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. I began researching cures for the condition and the nearest place i found was Bernie’s clinic. I read through her website and decided to give acupuncture a go. I went to Bernie two weeks to the day after the symptoms came on. I found it quite painful to speak and I was conscious of how I looked even though many people told me it wasn’t that obvious. Bernie was so kind, reassuring and genuinely cared about my recovery. Bernie did acupuncture and also did Chinese cupping on my face. I couldn’t believe the results after the first session. My face had lifted towards the position it was before the Bells Palsy came on me. I went back to work after two sessions. I continued to visit Bernie for two more sessions until I felt my face was 99% back to its original position.  I was so impressed with Bernie’s service and I genuinely looked forward to the session even though it was a 70 minute drive. Her expertise and passion for what she does was simply brilliant.  Thank you so much Bernie. I’m so thankful to you. Caitriona, Carlow 2016

Back pain relief I was suffering with low back pain and decided to try acupuncture. I had a fear of needles but Bernie was very understanding and treated me with great care. The relief I’ve got from my treatments was fantastic. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Michael S 2014

Heel Pain I was suffering from a calcium growth on the heel of my foot for several years before going to Berni Fogarty. I had been to several medical specialists and it began to look like I would require surgical intervention, however as a last resort my daughter suggested that acupuncture might be a solution. I went to Berni Fogarty for six sessions and from about the 2nd session began to feel relief. By the sixth session the problem was solved. It is now six months since I attended and I have no re-occurrence and am pain free. I would totally recommend acupuncture as a real way of dealing with in my case a very painful amd annoying debilitating condition. C. O Neill 2015

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