Do you suffer from Gout

Gout is a very painful form of arthritis usually occurring in the cooler extremities of the body, like the feet or toes. It is a result of the body being unable to metabolise purines (found in the cells of the body and food), so levels of Uric acid rise in the blood. Increased concentrations of Uric Acid will crystallise and take on the shape of a tiny needle, causing severe pain. 90% of sufferers are men. The areas affected are extremely sensitive to touch…even bed sheets will cause pain!

Gout can cause

• Pain
• Swelling
• Redness
• Heat
• Stiffness in joints
• Drinking alcohol, it may be inherited or brought on by drinking.
• Repeated attacks of Gout can damage joints, tissue and bone over time.

It can be difficult to diagnose as it’s similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis, infections and pseudo
gout. A definitive diagnosis can be got by inserting a needle into the joint and removing fluid for examination.

Main causes

Gout is closely related to diet as Uric acid is a by product of certain foods.
Gout sufferers are typically obese, diabetic, and prone to hypertension.
It may be inherited or brought on by drinking alcohol, medication, stress, over eating, surgery, crash dieting, or joint injury.

Management of Gout

1. Treat acute attacks
2. Prevent future attacks
3. Lower serum urate levels.

Acupuncture can help at the acute stage to bring down the swelling and relieve pain. Regular treatment with acupuncture can help prevent flare ups of the condition. It will help decrease Uric acid levels and increase blood circulation to the affected area which in turn removes the stagnation that’s causing swelling and inflammation..

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

• Eliminate Alcohol
• Achieve ideal body weight
• Low fat and protein intake
• Liberal fluid intake
• Complex carbohydrates only
• Frozen or fresh cherry juice is excellent
• Avoid high purine foods like organ meats, shellfish, yeast, poultry, herring, sardines,
mackerel, anchovies.
• Reduce intake of red lentils, spinach and asparagus

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